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My interest in hypnosis began many years ago when I played in a band that opened for various other artists.  Among the artists was Dr. R.E. Bellows.  I was fascinated with how people reacted on stage when under hypnosis.  When I talked with Dr. Bellows about hypnosis, I learned how it was not only a venue of entertainment, but a means to help people better their lives.  

Hypnosis: Motivational, Educational and Entertaining

Rick travels throughout the United States speaking on the benefits of hypnosis for self-motivation, stress management, sports enhancement, drug abuse programs, study habits and many other life enhancing topics as well as presenting highly entertaining Stage Hypnosis programs for schools, colleges, universities, churches, organizations and corporations.

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Overcoming Feelings of Anxiety Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis is recognized by the American Medical Association as a highly effective treatment for anxiety issues and panic disorder.

Panic attacks significantly impact the ability to enjoy daily life and for some people, the symptoms of panic disorder can be utterly debilitating. When you are fearful or anxious you are imagining a worrisome outcome or event that you fear will take place.

The body responds to these thoughts and begins to react as though it were
 in a situation of real danger. Hormones are released and the 'fight or flight' response takes over. The body becomes primed to react on a hair trigger to either fight off an enemy or to run away fast.  These physical feelings can trigger even more anxious and panicky thoughts in your mind.

Hypnotherapy can be used to quickly reduce the effects of panic attacks.  In most cases hypnosis can eliminate them altogether.  Most individuals suffering from anxiety, excessive worry or panic attacks have a vivid and well developed imagination.  They can create chaotic thoughts of catastrophic events and outcomes in a matter of minutes.  If not controlled, these thoughts change from bad to worse to the point that shear panic sets in!

Hypnosis can easily help the individual leverage the ability of their imagination and put it to work to replace fearful thoughts with very powerful, helpful positive scenarios and outcomes. Identifying triggers and changing automatic thought patterns stops the vicious cycle of racing thoughts and physical feelings of panic that occur and can spiral into a full blown panic attack or a moment of extreme intense anxiety.

A qualified hypnotherapist will work with the client to develop a comprehensive strategy to identify the cause and eliminate panic attacks quickly and easily. The hypnotherapist will also teach the client self hypnotherapy techniques to be used in any stressful situation keeping panic attacks at bay.   Clients using hypnosis each time feelings of anxiety or panic begin, will in a short time find they are able to feel more relaxed and comfortable and are able to just let go and experience life, trusting they can handle whatever situations come up.