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My interest in hypnosis began many years ago when I played in a band that opened for various other artists.  Among the artists was Dr. R.E. Bellows.  I was fascinated with how people reacted on stage when under hypnosis.  When I talked with Dr. Bellows about hypnosis, I learned how it was not only a venue of entertainment, but a means to help people better their lives.  

Hypnosis: Motivational, Educational and Entertaining

Rick travels throughout the United States speaking on the benefits of hypnosis for self-motivation, stress management, sports enhancement, drug abuse programs, study habits and many other life enhancing topics as well as presenting highly entertaining Stage Hypnosis programs for schools, colleges, universities, churches, organizations and corporations.

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Help For Depression Through Hypnosis

Clinical depression is a medical illness that creates difficulties in coping with daily living. When people are clinically depressed they do not think clearly. They hold a pessimistic view of the future, unrealistic expectations, and are overly harsh and critical of themselves.

Depression breeds inactivity, mentally and physically, which breeds further depression and a vicious downward spiral. Negative self-suggestions repeated over and over again becomes imprinted in the subconscious mind. Negative thinking becomes a habit that must be changed in order for you to recover from your depression.

Symptoms of clinical depression can include some or all of the following:

Low mood, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, self-deprecation, depleted self-confidence and self-esteem, feeling useless, loss of energy and motivation, and feeling disconnected.
Appetite changes, weight loss or weight gain, difficulties getting out of bed in the morning, dreading the day, looking forward for the day to end, anxiety, agitation, fears, shakiness, mental slowing and dullness, slowed reaction time, and total inefficiency.
Excessive sleepiness and/or an inability to rest, boredom, inability to stay focused and concentrate, memory loss, pessimistic and morbid thoughts, mental perseveration, loss of the desire to socialize, inability to experience simple pleasures in living, and suicidal thoughts.

Clinical depression should be evaluated and treated both medically as well as psychologically—both components are necessary. Medical treatment of clinical depression largely involves the prescription of anti-depressant medications. These drugs can ameliorate the biological/physical and mood symptoms of depression, but they do not treat the underlying psychological factors and negative fixed ideas that need to be addressed. The psychological treatment of depression involves changing the cognitive, behavioral and mood symptoms of the condition. This is where clinical hypnosis can be very helpful.

Hypnosis is a very effective tool for treating depression. Hypnosis can help the individual move in a positive direction and take steps towards healthier behavioral functioning, lifting and shifting activities affecting mood by:
  •  Changing negative self-suggestions.
  • Uncovering and re-processing past experiences/memories that trigger depressive reactions.
  • Eliminating feelings of guilt and self-blame.
  • Begin making positive choices