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My interest in hypnosis began many years ago when I played in a band that opened for various other artists.  Among the artists was Dr. R.E. Bellows.  I was fascinated with how people reacted on stage when under hypnosis.  When I talked with Dr. Bellows about hypnosis, I learned how it was not only a venue of entertainment, but a means to help people better their lives.  

Hypnosis: Motivational, Educational and Entertaining

Rick travels throughout the United States speaking on the benefits of hypnosis for self-motivation, stress management, sports enhancement, drug abuse programs, study habits and many other life enhancing topics as well as presenting highly entertaining Stage Hypnosis programs for schools, colleges, universities, churches, organizations and corporations.

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Watch for new articles published on this blog and links to Ezine articles. Each article will describe how hypnosis can be used as a primary choice of treatment for self-improvement, relationships, sports enhancement, tobacco use and so much more. You will also learn how hypnosis can be used as an appropriate adjunct to biological or psychotheraputic techniques.

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Mental Self-Programming - How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a method of mental self-programming. It is not sleep. It is not unconsciousness. It is not a giving up of control. Hypnosis is actually an altered state of highly focused consciousness in which the conscious mind is by-passed and access is achieved directly to the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind. It is the seat of all memory, and through it can be accessed memories, emotions, and events long since suppressed, repressed or forgotten by the conscious mind. Through the subconscious mind can be revealed facts, information and causes of feelings, behaviors and attitudes which in turn can be created, strengthened, modified or eliminated according to the client's needs.

*Medical or psychological referral may be required for certain conditions.